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September 4, 2017

Hi dear readers!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend (if you’re able to have this Monday off)!

This past spring, I read over the book, The Year of Cozy, which was beautifully curated and had wonderful, easy recipes scattered throughout the pages that looked scrumptious. The recipe that caught my eye was homemade baked donuts… oh la la! I am a huge donut fan and the idea of making my own donuts & having a healthy option for a favorite treat sounded like the perfect baking adventure!

I looked on Pinterest for different baked donut recipes and checked out different foodie bloggers to find easy-to-follow recipes that wouldn’t be too difficult… and would actually work. I definitely was skeptical that the donuts wouldn’t turn out or that I would very much be a part of the Pinterest-fail movement. Well, I was pleasantly surprised!

I purchased two Wilton baking pans from Hobby Lobby (they were priced under $10/each) and figured that it was a worthwhile buy. If it really failed or didn’t work out, I wasn’t losing out on a lot of money.

I found a couple of recipes from Sally’s Baking Addiction blog and decided to try Baked Funfetti Donuts. Although they weren’t perfect (hey, first timer over here!), boy oh boy did they taste good! It didn’t have that super sugary, deep friend taste, but it was still yummy – and definitely not dry & crusty! I was really surprised at how it turned out!

Next, I decided to try Apple Cinnamon Baked Donuts with Brown Butter Glaze and those suckers worked out really well! Hubby and I went in and made them together and it was so fun to bake side-by-side! He did a stellar job with the frosting and decorated the tops of each one. We made the donuts on Holy Saturday and gave a box to our priests to celebrate the Easter season. The recipe was definitely a bit more time consuming, but it was so worth it. I’m trying to get better about not scrolling on social media with any downtime and trying (keyword: trying, not always succeeding) to use my time to learn/try something new. So, ya know, baked donuts.

The third & most recent recipe that I tried is my favorite one yet! Baked Churro Donuts are where it’s at, ya’ll! So, so good. These donuts were the easiest and fastest to make out of all the recipes that I’ve tried (a whopping 3). I didn’t need the DIY Donut Tin and used my Wilton pans and it made it so simple to pop these into the oven once the ingredients were mixed up! The only issue I had was that I tried melting chocolate chips for too long in the microwave and almost started a kitchen fire. Woopsie doodle. So, we didn’t dip the donuts in chocolate, but honestly, it tasted totally fine as is and muy delicioso when paired with a hot cup of coffee! The aroma of the donuts also reminded me of the smell of mini-donuts at the State Fair, so that was a HUGE plus. If you’re looking for a first time recipe to try, I would highly recommend this one. 

I’m a skeptic of fads and difficult culinary recipes, but wow, baked donuts are awesome and so doable to whip up & bake! It’s not only a healthier option for such a tasty treat, it’s also very affordable to make and it’s nice to know and be able to pronounce all of the ingredients that go into it. I highly recommend trying this out if you haven’t yet or if you’ve been debating making your own donuts!

I’m excited to delve into some fall recipes. All the pumpkin spice & apple-infused recipes, please! If you have any favorites, comment below. I’d love to try more recipes!

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