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December 28, 2015

This Christmas, my fiancé David and I had the beautiful opportunity of sharing the season together. It was a magical & holy time of year and it was so wonderful to share in each other’s traditions with each other’s families.

Love languages

Some readers might be familiar with The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, which helps individuals and couples determine his/her top 2 love languages and the ways in which we receive and give love. As of now (because, let’s be real, it can change & it’s not the “Love Bible” of relationships) my top two love languages are Physical Touch & Receiving Gifts. I love letters, thoughtful gifts and pieces that seem to be “me”. I used to be embarrassed that my love language is Receiving Gifts, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean I love expensive gifts and that’s what makes me happy. I enjoy receiving a gift from someone who put thought into it and thought of me during the process – it’s what’s behind the gift that means a lot to me!

Christmas gifts

This year, David gave me Christmas gifts that totally spoke to my heart, my love language and my passions. So much so, that I wanted to share because it means so much to me and I love giving him little shout-outs!

I have been talking to David about getting into calligraphy and hand lettering. I find it so beautiful and I’ve always enjoyed cursive, handwriting and doodling. David gifted me with a book on typography and hand lettering, pens & paper to practice and create and awesome prints.

// He went above and beyond because he sent the book to Jenna Guizar, founder of Blessed Is She, and she signed the book, supporting me in new adventures and sharing a quote (a favorite of mine!): Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire (St. Catherine of Siena). I also received a 2 page note from Erica, founder of Be a Heart. She shared a bit of her journey with me and her pursuit of calligraphy and design as her full-time job in L.A., telling me to not be afraid to pursue passions and what the Lord calls us to and where He leads us. Is this a cry worthy gift? Yeah, sure! You betcha! It was so beautiful, inspiring and incredible to open such thoughtful gifts from my wonderful man. //

Passions & creativity

This gift means so much to me because of the love & support I felt in opening everything from David. He is always so supportive and thoughtful when I share ideas for ventures, start-ups and creations. David is an entrepreneur and designer at heart himself and it’s always so much fun to tell him about my ideas and to talk through anything with him. He is the first person I call up when I’m exploding with ideas! I am so thankful for his love, his kind heart and his support of my desires, passions and ideas. It’s always so life-giving and incredible to share passions & creative endeavors with David!

A special word of thanks to Jenna & Erica for your notes, your support & your openness to the Lord to set the world on fire! 

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