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Love + Marriage | Love you a latte

September 20, 2015

If you’ve ever asked David and I about our first date, you would most definitely get different answers. David believes that it was when we went out for coffee & he purchased our drinks in high school. I believe that it was when he romantically & formally asked if he could take me on a date and we went out for sushi in college. Regardless of who’s right (I won’t admit it to the blogosphere world!): coffee has been a central theme in our relationship.

I have grown to love, treasure & enjoy caffeinated chats with David.

One might ask, “Really, coffee??” To which I would respond, emphatically, “Oh, yes! Coffee!”

To some, it might seem trivial. One can purchase coffee before work, after a long day or brew a pot at home for dinner guests. But, my experience with coffee has been a part of a love story with a man I cherish and revel in our times together amidst the chaos of life.

You see, coffee has meant so many things for us: difficult conversations, sharing exciting news, confiding our personal fears or worries, late night study sessions… so many moments have taken place with a steamy brew in each of our hands.

So, to some, it might seem silly. To me, it’s the best time of the day. I get to share in conversation with the man I love, while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. It’s pretty hard to beat. <3

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