Meet me

Hi, dear reader!

I’m so glad that you’re over here in this corner of the blogosphere.

I’m married to my wonderful husband and he’s the best man in the world. He’s truly such a gift to me and I’m so grateful that I can live this crazy adventure of life with him. *Cue all the sap*

↬ We had the opportunity to work with Chasing Haben on an engagement film. Don’t miss it!

Check out this stunning video my hubby put together and surprised me with on our wedding day. Ugly crying because he’s so awesome and God is so good & faithful.

Favorite things

↠ Running is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress, think through ideas and experience a great endorphin rush every day! Kettlebell is a new adventure in our home that we’re learning together and it’s been tough, but worth it!

↠ Photography is an ever-growing passion of mine. I have a D5100 Nikon and love messing with my iPhone and the countless apps that I have downloaded. You can find my work on my Flickr page.

↠ I really enjoy cleaning and organizing my closet & our home. My style? Vintage minimalism. Two of my favorite finds are a Royale Typewriter & 50s film camera. Candles, twinkle lights, lots of blankets… The Year of Cozy speaks my decorating love language.

↠ I love reading and learning about my Catholic faith and the lives of the saints. I am fascinated and inspired by such holy men and women of God who have given us such beautiful examples to walk in holiness. If there’s anyone to compare myself to, it’s these incredible people!

↠ I enjoy hot cups of coffee (+ creamer!). I enjoy being in charge of setting up the coffee pot the night before and there is something so awesome about waking up and having that incredible aroma of hot coffee filling up your living space. Would I like to own a coffee shop down the road? The answer to that is, YES.

↠ In my free time, I enjoy adventuring with my wonderful husband (he’s the coolest), turning social media friendships into real-life friendships, listening to podcasts, playing the violin, and watching PBS Masterpiece shows.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you’ll stay awhile. 



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