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Love + Marriage | The Proposal

July 10, 2015

If you’ve been wondering just how David asked Bridget to marry him…you’ve opened the right post!

June 27, 2015

David and Bridget went to see the show, Once: the musical, at the State Theater. It was an incredible performance and the music was phenomenal.

David had texted Bridget right before the show, apologizing that he had to drop a few items off at a meeting. He is the retreat director for St. Lawrence’s Newman Center and had promised Bridget that it would only take 10-15 minutes. Bridget thought nothing of it and knew they would have time in between the show and dinner at David’s parents house with their families.

David and Bridget parked and walked to Aster Cafe where David had said the meeting would take place. As Bridget and David approached the front of the restaurant, Bridget thought she recognized Jeremy Stanbary, founder and owner of Open Window Theatre, whom she had worked with for two years. David asked, “Jeremy?” and he looked up from his phone. “Hey guys! What are you doing here? This is a random coincidence!” David proceeded to explain that he had a brief meeting before he and Bridget were off to his parents house for dinner. David, in turn, asked Jeremy what he was doing. Jeremy told Bridget and David that he was in between shows and was supposed to meet a friend for coffee, but that his friend had to reschedule because of something that had unexpectedly come up. David suggested that Bridget and Jeremy catch up while he briefly attends his meeting. Both Bridget and Jeremy thought it a splendid idea. As they began chatting, David ran out and gave Jeremy a copy of The Jeweler’s Shop, which he had claimed was Jeremy’s. Bridget thought that she had remembered David receiving the copy in the mail, but quickly brushed such ideas aside. It didn’t matter anyway! Or did it?…

Jeremy and Bridget walked a short loop around St. Anthony Main. Eventually, they were facing towards Hennepin Bluffs Park when Jeremy said, “You know, this ties in with what we’re talking about! Let me read this passage!” Bridget obliged (he directed this show, of course he would know the passage that tied in with their conversation!) and listened intently. As he read, Bridget realized that what he was reading didn’t tie in at all with what they had been talking about. As Jeremy finished, he smiled and prompted Bridget, “Let’s walk! Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

Instantly, Bridget had the feeling that what she thought she had known and what seemed tangible and normal, was suddenly unclear and unbelievable: could David be proposing?

Jeremy directed Bridget to pick up a letter placed on the side of the path. She picked it up and read it. David’s handwriting, a letter filled with beautiful sentiment and calligraphy. This was real. This was happening. Meeting, schmeeting!


As Bridget and Jeremy continued walking, Bridget’s nerves were getting the best of her (she may or may not have asked Jeremy if a shot was hidden at the next stop). Bridget noticed that her dear friend, Ellie Zeller, was sitting on a bench in the park. Ellie looked at Jeremy and Bridget approaching and walked over to both of them while taking photos.

Jeremy handed the book to Ellie and she took Bridget a few feet away before reading a passage. They both ended by the gazebo in Father Hennepin Bluffs Park and Ellie directed Bridget to pick up another letter. A saxophone player (not arranged by David), questioned, “Is it her birthday? Oh is it a treasure hunt? Whoa something is happening!” Ellie proceeded to tell him something in whispered tones. As Bridget walked by, the saxophone player musically said, “Congratulaaaaaations!”

As Ellie and Bridget walked across the Stone Arch Bridge, Ellie read another passage. Bridget proceeded to do some deep breathing. Towards the middle of the bridge, Bridget met her cousin, Alex Pokorny, and he took the book from Ellie and read Bridget a passage. He then told her to pick up another letter. This letter specifically told Bridget that David would ask her to be his wife and to ponder her decision in these next moments.

This is when Bridget really started deep breathing because the reality of the moment was hitting her and the excitement and nervousness was mounting. Alex read Bridget another passage and then they both met her best friend, Julia Ennen. Alex handed her the book and she read a passage. Bridget and Julia proceeded to walk by the Mill City Ruins and Julia told Bridget to pick up another letter. Bridget read the letter and they continued walking by the Guthrie Theatre. Once Julia and Bridget passed the Guthrie Theatre, Julia read the final passage and told Bridget to pick up her final letter. This letter requested that both Julia and Bridget cease speaking and walk in silence up Gold Medal Park together. Julia grabbed Bridget’s hand and they walked up the winding path to the top of the hill.

Once Bridget and Julia made it to the hill, Bridget saw David, lovingly looking at her and seeming nervous and excited. The feelings she had been experiencing throughout the past hour. David asked Bridget, “Do you have it?” As David opened up the book and started reading the passage, a stream of bikers came up and Bridget had a moment of panic thinking that a flash mob was about to take place. Fear not! No flash mob was planned; the biker gang sat on the side of the hill with their bikes.

David expressed his feelings and beautifully shared his desire to spend the rest of his life with Bridget. The sun was shining through the trees, David’s eyes looked anxiously into Bridget’s. He got down on one knee, opened the book and asked, “Bridget, will you marry me?” The ring had been with Bridget the entire time!

Within .3 seconds, Bridget said “YES!”, David put the ring on Bridget’s ring finger and they kissed and embraced.

In that moment, everything was silent, still and beautiful. It was as if time stopped and they had a few seconds of overwhelming bliss.

A bystander had been watching and came over to take David and Bridget’s picture. She then proceeded to look at Bridget and say, “You know, I thought he was a clean-cut stalker! He was looking over the hill and kept peeking around… I almost called the park cops on him! But then, I figured it out – it was a proposal! Good thing I didn’t call!”

David and Bridget thanked the woman for the photo and started to descend Gold Medal Park. Julia yelled up to David, “What did she say?!” He prominently put his fist in the air and Julia shouted, “SHE SAID ‘YES!’” The bikers and bystanders on the hill and in the park loudly cheered and clapped.

Bridget and David met up with Julia, Ellie and Alex, took photos, hugged and thanked everyone for their involvement in a beautiful, elaborate proposal.

Everyone proceeded to go their separate ways and David and Bridget went to David’s house to announce the exciting news to their families and celebrate together!

 A huge thank you to our families, Julia Ennen, Alex Pokorny, Jeremy Stanbary, Ellie Zeller and close friends for their love, support & excitement! It means the world to us! xo

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    I love it!!! Congratulations again. I hope you are having a great trip. 🙂

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    Love you B!

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