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July 4, 2015

It’s 5:30 a.m. in Dublin, Ireland. A steaming cup of tea, sunrise & the laughter of friends and family hugging and greeting one another fills my heart with humbling gratitude.

A safe flight, an opportunity to see a beautiful part of the world and the early morning hours to reflect, relax & take in the moments. God is so good. It is an overwhelming gift that we have been given: different cultures & people created in His image and likeness to love & to treasure. What beauty we get to experience and participate in every day! A gift we can often take for granted.

Now, as I enter into such deep thoughts… I recognize that I’m not only living on an endorphin rush, but running on lack of sleep. I have been up for 18 hours and the start of a new day is upon me. Sleep? What’s that? 

As I sit here, typing away, I hear the boisterous laughter of friends gathered together, slapping each other on the backs and excitedly greeting one another. Could this be an Irish boy band?? I digress…

I’m on Irish time. We’ll see what the day brings!

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