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July 7, 2015

The morning started out rainy and overcast, which made it rather difficult to wake up and leave the warmth of a thick blanket and shatter the peace with clattering and banging around to find clothes and to make a hot cup of tea before starting out for the day.

We left at 7:30 a.m. to drop everyone off at their respective placements. At this point, the sun was peeking through the clouds and it energized us all to think that we might enjoy some dry weather today (at least for a bit)!

Rory and I were dropped off at Ulster Hospital and grabbed coffee as we chatted about the differences in growing up in Canada vs. America, families, interests from school, etc. Naturally, I asked if he had been to Prince Edward Island.*

*I’m a a hardcore Anne of Green Gables fan and was saddened at the death of my favorite Canadian actor, Jonathan Crombie (Gilbert Blythe). Sadly, Rory didn’t know of Crombie and has yet to go to PEI. Dang it!

I started Day 2 of my placement with the Communications Officer and continued working on my project from yesterday. I am sorting out the newspaper clippings that are published about the hospitals in the Southeastern Trust. I really enjoy the work and it allows me to learn a lot about what the media chooses to print and highlight from the hospitals in the Trust.

My mentor took me to the CUTEST place for Ulster Fry. Ulster Fry is a traditional Irish breakfast (it pretty much sets you up 2 days worth of eating and a heart attack). It was incredible! The restaurant is called Binky’s and there are lamp shades hung up throughout the place. It’s so darling! Hand-lettering, wood flooring, quaint pieces of furniture…magical.

We bonded over our love of cleaning (it was amazing; she understands the difference between clean vs. organized!), shopping (!), families, jobs, cultures, food, world news, journalism… it was incredible talking about a variety of topics that held such unique perspectives! I absolutely love discussions and learning from others. I genuinely enjoy understanding another’s beliefs, interests and worldview. I find it fascinating and an opportunity for me to be challenged in my own way of thinking and understanding. We enjoyed our cappuccino and latte as we shared photos of animals, kids/siblings and what it’s like to live in Ireland vs. America.

She is an incredible individual and I am so grateful I have been able to work with her these past two days, learning, writing, discussing and sharing information about life, culture and health communication.

After work, we went back to the cottage and decided to go to Bangor for the evening. We walked to the bus stop in Crawfordsburn and, after a windy, fast ride, we walked through Bangor to find The Salty Dog. The restaurant was right along the water, beautifully decorated with an incredible view. We all ordered and chatted about our families, how we found out about the Young Ambassador program, and the details of life.

It has been a joy getting to know everyone that I am traveling with & I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to see Ireland with such incredibly smart, intelligent, fun individuals.

Dr. Campbell met us and we went to an awesome Irish pub and talked about the Duggars, Honey Boo Boo and various reality television shows and the scandals behind each one (yep, we actually did this). The amount of shock and laughter about the television shows that American networks run is a train wreck of sad hilarity!

Some of us chose to end the night a wee bit early and Dr. Campbell very kindly offered to drive us back. We shared our appreciation for the movie, Leap Year, with him.*

*For all you ladies wondering if you can, in fact, propose during Leap Year – you can! In the words of Dr. Campbell: “IT’S COUGAR TIME! Run for the hills!!”

And on that note, goodnight!

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